Volume 2, Number 2:71-125;2012  
International Journal of Burns and Trauma

Eisenbeiß W, Siemers F, Amtsberg G, Hinz P, Hartmann B, Kohlmann T, Ekkernkamp A, Albrecht U, Assadian O,         
Kramer A:
Prospective, double-blinded, randomised controlled trial assessing the effect of an Octenidine-based hydrogel on
bacterial colonisation and epithelialisation of skin graft wounds in burn patients. Int J Burn Trauma 2012;2(2):71-79. (
full text, PDF).

Tae-Hyung Han, Hana Teissler, Richard J Han, Joshua D Gaines, Tho Qynh Nguyen: Managing difficult airway in patients    
with post-burn mentosternal and circumoral scar contractures. Int J Burn Trauma 2012;2(2):80-85. (
Abstract, full text, PDF).

Visweswar Bhattacharya, Neeraj K Agrawal, Gaurab R Chaudhuri, Partha S Barooah, Tripathi SK, Rana Birendra,
Siddhartha Bhattacharya, Dhruva J Deka:
Turn over split fascial flap - a refinement for resurfacing shin defect. Int J Burn
Trauma 2012;2(2):86-92. (
Abstract, full text, PDF).

Zainab Suhrabi, Ali Delpisheh, Hamid Taghinejad: Tragedy of women's self-immolation in Iran and developing communities: a
review. Int J Burn Trauma 2012;2(2):93-104. (
Abstract, full text, PDF).

Shyi-Gen Chen, Yuan-Sheng Tzeng, Chih-Hsin Wang: Treatment of severe burn with DermACELL®, an acellular dermal   
matrix.Int J Burn Trauma 2012;2(2):105-109. (
Abstract, full text, PDF).

Arzu Didem Yalcin, Atil Bisgin, Riza Hakan Erbay, Oguzhan Oguz, Suleyman Demir, Mustafa Yilmaz, Saadet Gumuslu:
Trimetazidine effect on burn-induced intestinal mucosal injury and kidney damage in rats. Int J Burn Trauma 2012;2(2):110-
117. (
Abstract, full text, PDF).

Serkan Erbatur, Yusuf Kenan Coban, Engin Nasuhi Aydın: Comparision of clinical and histopathological results  of hyalomatrix
usage in adult patients. Int J Burn Trauma 2012;2(2):118-125. (
Abstract, full text, PDF).
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