Volume 9, Number 1:1-22;2019
International Journal of Burns and Trauma

Eamon Francis, Laura Kearney, James Clover: The effects of stem cells on burn wounds: a review. Int J Burn Trauma 2019;9(1):1-12. (Abstract IJBT0087087, Full text, PDF).

Leili Yeke Fallah, Abbas Ahmadi, Amaneh Bagheri Ruche, Ali Taremiha, Nazanin Soltani, Maryam Mafi: The effect of early change of skin graft dressing on pain and anxiety among burn patients: a two-group randomized controlled clinical trial. Int J Burn Trauma 2019;9(1):13-18. (Abstract IJBT0089585, Full text, PDF).

Raphael Bertani, Caio M Perret, José Alberto Almeida Filho, Luiz Felipe Souza, Pedro Góes, Ruy Monteiro, Wellingson Silva Paiva: Neuronavigation as a minimally invasive tool in the treatment of intracranial gunshot injuries. Int J Burn Trauma 2019;9(1):19-22. (Abstract IJBT0091777, Full text, PDF).
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