Volume 10, Number 3:47-90;2020
International Journal of Burns and Trauma

Shangping Fang, Jiabao Dai, Wenjun Guo, Tongjun Ma: Effect of sleep deprivation on general anesthesia in rats. Int J BurnTrauma 2020;10(3):47-54. (Full text, PDF).

Khanh Q Phan, Lam N Nguyen, An H Nguyen: Profile and factors influencing resting energy expenditure in adult burn patients.Int J Burn Trauma 2020;10(3):55-59. (Full text, PDF).

Ying Huang, Kui Zang, Futai Shang, Shiguang Guo, Lili Gao, Xiangcheng Zhang: HMGB1 mediates acute liver injury in sepsisthrough pyroptosis of liver macrophages. Int J Burn Trauma 2020;10(3):60-67. (Full text, PDF).

Miles C Smalley, Joe Olivi, Krisi A Causa, Manoj Pathak, Cindy L Austin, Simon J Thompson: Post-burn temporal dynamics ofblood plasma histamine during the initial 6 days from injury. Int J Burn Trauma 2020;10(3):68-75. (Full text, PDF).

Almir Ferreira de Andrade, Robson Luis Amorim, Davi Jorge Fontoura Solla, Cesar Cimonari Almeida, Eberval GadelhaFigueiredo, Manoel Jacobsen Teixeira, Wellingson Silva Paiva: New technique for surgical decompression in traumatic braininjury: merging two concepts to prevent early and late complications of unilateral decompressive craniectomy with duralexpansion. Int J Burn Trauma 2020;10(3):76-80. (Full text, PDF).

Joseph Bourgi, Ziad Sleiman, Elie Fazaa, Deoda Maasarani, Yaacoub Chahine, Elissa Nassif, Hend Youssef, Joanne Chami,Rabih Mikhael, Georges Ghanimé: Predictors of generic and burn-specific quality of life among adult burn patients admitted toa Lebanese burn care center: a cross-sectional single-center study. Int J Burn Trauma 2020;10(3):81-89. (Full text, PDF).

Retraction: The use of hydrogen peroxide in the treatment of burn wound infection: a systematic review, and survey of currentclinical practice in the United Kingdom. Int J Burn Trauma 2020;10(3):90. (Full text, PDF).
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