Journal information

The International Journal of Burns and Trauma (IJBT) (ISSN: 2160-2026) is an open access, online only journal founded by a
group of basic and clinical scientists studying burns, trauma, and tissue injury repair. The scope of IJBT covers basic,
translational, and clinical research on all aspects of burns, trauma, wound infection, host response to injury and infection,
tissue injury repair and regeneration, as well as tissue engineering. IJBT publishes review articles, original research articles,
reports on new techniques and therapies. It also publishes hypotheses, case reports, and letters to the editor.

Unlike most other open access online journals, IJBT keeps the traditional features of paper print, including continuous volume,
issue numbers, as well as continuous page numbers.

The IJBT editorial office encourages manuscript submissions from researchers and clinicians in the relative fields. Please
read the journal’s Guidelines for Authors for detailed format of manuscript preparation. All manuscripts will be peer reviewed
and will be published within one month after acceptance.
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