Volume 11, Number 3:136-274;2021
International Journal of Burns and Trauma

Randeep Mullhi, Ian Ewington, Elizabeth Chipp, Tomasz Torlinski: A descriptive survey of operating theatre and intensive care unit temperature management of burn patients in the United Kingdom. Int J Burn Trauma 2021;11(3):136-144. (Full text, PDF).

Klaus Dresing, Ann-Christin Fischer, Wolfgang Lehmann, Dominik Saul, Christopher Spering: Perioperative and posttraumatic anti-edematous decongestive device-based negative pressure treatment for anti-edematous swelling treatment of the lower extremity - a prospective quality study. Int J Burn Trauma 2021;11(3):145-155. (Full text, PDF).

Suzanne M Beecher, Ronan Hill, Laura Kearney, Jemima Dorairaj, Arun Kumar, Anthony James Clover: The pruritus severity scale-a novel tool to assess itch in burns patients. Int J Burn Trauma 2021;11(3):156-162. (Full text, PDF).

Mandeep S Dhillon, Mandeep S Virk, Prasoon Kumar, Pratik M Rathod: The effectiveness of arthroscopy assisted fixation of Schatzker types I-III tibial plateau fractures: our experience at a tertiary centre. Int J Burn Trauma 2021;11(3):163-169. (Full text, PDF).

Pedram Yavari, Bahareh Baghchi, Mehdi Tavassoli, Pouya Moshkdar, Sepehr Eslami, Amirhossein Sadeghian, Ghasem Mohammadsharifi: Comparison of two different stems for total hip arthroplasty. Int J Burn Trauma 2021;11(3):170-176. (Full text, PDF).

Yong Wang, Shuai Dai, Aimin Yang: Effect evaluation of acupuncture combined with nerve block treatment on patients with lumbar spondylolisthesis. Int J Burn Trauma 2021;11(3):177-183. (Full text, PDF).

Homaidan T Alhomaidan, Zafar Rasheed, Manal M Alsudais, Asma M AlMutairi, Khawlah A Alzaben, Sara M AlMutairi, Lamees I Alissa, Adel M Widyan, Abdullah S Alkhamiss, Sharifa K Alduraibi, Waleed Al Abdulmonem: Physicians based emergency medical services for the management of burn injuries in trauma centers of the center region of Saudi Arabia: evaluation of physicians’ knowledge and experience. Int J Burn Trauma 2021;11(3):184-190. (Full text, PDF).

Mehdi Motififard, Mehdi Teimouri, Kiana Shirani, Saeed Hatami, Mahila Yadegari: Prevalence of Bacterial surgical site infection in traumatic patients undergoing orthopedic surgeries: a cross-sectional study. Int J Burn Trauma 2021;11(3):191-196. (Full text, PDF).

Nguyen N Lam, Ngo T Hung, Ngo M Duc: Prognosis value of revised Baux score among burn patients in developing country. Int J Burn Trauma 2021;11(3):197-201. (Full text, PDF).

Emily W Baird, Colleen M Reid, Leopoldo C Cancio, Jennifer M Gurney, David M Burmeister: A case study demonstrating tolerance of the gut to large volumes of enteral fluids as a complement to IV fluid resuscitation in burn shock. Int J Burn Trauma 2021;11(3):202-206. (Full text, PDF).

Yasir Salam Siddiqui, Mazhar Abbas, Julfiqar Muhammad, Mohd Khalid A Sherwani, Mohammad Jesan Khan, Akash Yadav: Challenges in management of benign bone tumours complicated by pathological fracture in paediatric population. Int J Burn Trauma 2021;11(3):207-219. (Full text, PDF).

Salah Aldekhayel, Abdullah M Khubrani, Khalid S Alshaalan, Mohammed Barajaa, Obaid Al-Meshal: Outcomes and complications of diabetic burn injuries: a single center experience. Int J Burn Trauma 2021;11(3):220-225. (Full text, PDF).

Vania Gomes Moraes, Ludmila Silva Guimaraes, Erlange Andrade Borges Silva, Livia Azeredo Alves Antunes, Romulo Franchini, Leonardo Santos Antunes: Minimally invasive approach supported by the use of mouthguard in the treatment of sport-related root fracture: a case report. Int J Burn Trauma 2021;11(3):226-233. (Full text, PDF).

Anurag Rana, Sameer Aggarwal, Vikas Bachhal, Aman Hooda, Karan Jindal, Mandeep Singh Dhillon: Role of supplemental teriparatide therapy in management of osteoporotic intertrochanteric femur fractures. Int J Burn Trauma 2021;11(3):234-244. (Full text, PDF).

Hafiz Muddassir Riaz, Saeed Ashraf Cheema: Paraffin wax bath therapy versus therapeutic ultrasound in management of post burn contractures of small joints of hand. Int J Burn Trauma 2021;11(3):245-250. (Full text, PDF).

Sandra Meyfarth, Ariane Ferraz Correa Torres, Amanda Silva Rodrigues, Joao Baptista de Moraes, Leonardo Santos Antunes, Livia Azeredo Alves Antunes: Improvement on OHRQoL after endodontic treatment associated with aPDT in traumatized primary teeth: a 12-month follow-up case report. Int J Burn Trauma 2021;11(3):251-259. (Full text, PDF).

Vikas Bachhal, Karan Jindal, Pratik M Rathod, Deepak Kumar: Bilateral crescent fracture-dislocation of the sacroiliac joint: a case-based discussion and review of literature. Int J Burn Trauma 2021;11(3):260-266. (Full text, PDF).

Brian G Cornelius, Daniel Clark, Ben Williams, Anna Rogers, Andreea Popa, Phillip Kilgore, Urska Cvek, Marjan Trutschl, Kevin Boykin, Angela Cornelius: A retrospective analysis of calcium levels in pediatric trauma patients. Int J Burn Trauma 2021;11(3):267-274. (Full text, PDF).
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