Volume 3, Number 3:130-172;2013  
International Journal of Burns and Trauma

Krishna S Vyas, Lesley K Wong: Oral rehydration solutions for burn management in the field and underdeveloped regions: a review. Int J Burn Trauma 2013;3(3):130-136. (Full text, PDF).

Marc G Jeschke, Celeste C Finnerty, Gabriela A Kulp, Robert Kraft, David N Herndon: Can we use C-reactive protein levels
to predict severe infection or sepsis in severely burned patients? Int J Burn Trauma 2013;3(3):137-143. (
Full text, PDF).

Ayşin Karasoy Yeşilada, Arzu Akçal, Dağhan Dağdelen, Deniz Özgür Sucu, Leyla Kılınç, Hamit Soner Tatlıdede: The feasibility of tissue expansion in reconstruction of congenital and aquired deformities of pediatric patients. Int J Burn Trauma 2013;3(3):144-150. (Full text, PDF).

Pius Agbenorku, Manolo Agbenorku, Papa Kwesi Fiifi-Yankson: Pediatric burns mortality risk factors in a developing country’s tertiary burns intensive care unit. Int J Burn Trauma 2013;3(3):151-158. (Full text, PDF).

Joaquín Pérez-Guisado, Jesús M de Haro-Padilla, Luis F Rioja, Leo C DeRosier, Jorge I de la Torre: Serum albumin levels   in burn people are associated to the total body surface burned and the length of hospital stay but not to the initiation of the oral/enteral nutrition. Int J Burn Trauma 2013;3(3):159-163. (Full text, PDF).

Sergio Olate, Adriano Freitas de Assis, Leandro Pozzer, Lucas Cavalieri-Pereira, Luciana Asprino, Marcio de Moraes: Pattern and treatment of mandible body fracture. Int J Burn Trauma 2013;3(3):164-168. (Full text, PDF).

Ali Akbar Mohammadi, Seyed Morteza Seyed Jafari, Ahmad Abdollahi: Risk of burn trauma during circumcision with radiofrequency scalpel: case report and review of literature. Int J Burn Trauma 2013;3(3):169-172. (Full text, PDF).
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