Volume 3, Number 4:173-231;2013  
International Journal of Burns and Trauma

Lei Shi, Vincent Ronfard: Biochemical and biomechanical characterization of porcine small intestinal submucosa (SIS): a mini review. Int J Burn Trauma 2013;3(4):173-179. (Full text, PDF).

April E Mendoza, Laura A Maile, Bruce A Cairns, Robert Maile: Burn injury induces high levels of phosphorylated insulin-like growth factor binding protein-1. Int J Burn Trauma 2013;3(4):180-189. (Full text, PDF).

Desmond D Mascarenhas, Amina ElAyadi, Baljit K Singh, Anesh Prasai, Sachin D Hegde, David N Herndon, Celeste C Finnerty: Nephrilin peptide modulates a neuroimmune stress response in rodent models of burn trauma and sepsis. Int J Burn Trauma 2013;3(4):190-200. (Full text, PDF).

Hongzhi Xu, Davin Watson, Yong-Ming Yu, Daniel L Traber, Stefani Fischer, Joan Nichols, Donald Deyo, Lillian L Traber, Joaquin Cortiella: Isotopic study of L-Arginine kinetics in the lung during pseudomonas sepsis in an ovine model. Int J Burn Trauma 2013;3(4):201-208. (Full text, PDF).

Adam Ofri, John G Harvey, Andrew J A Holland: Pediatric upper aero-digestive and respiratory tract burns. Int J Burn Trauma 2013;3(4):209-213. (Full text, PDF).

Ikpeme A Ikpeme, Enembe O Oku, Ngim E Ngim, Innocent E Abang, Anthony M Udosen: Impact of transportation policy on injury characteristics in a teaching hospital, Calabar, Nigeria. Int J Burn Trauma 2013;3(4):214-219. (Full text, PDF).

Luciano Santana-Cabrera, Manuel Sánchez-Palacios, Alina Uriarte Rodríguez: Differences in the prognosis among severe trauma and medical patients requiring mechanical ventilation. Int J Burn Trauma 2013;3(4):220-224. (Full text, PDF).

Lucas Cavalieri-Pereira, Adriano Assis, Sergio Olate, Luciana Asprino, Marcio de Moraes: Surgical treatment of frontal sinus fracture sequelae with methyl methacrylate prosthesis. Int J Burn Trauma 2013;3(4):225-231. (Full text, PDF).
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