Volume 4, Number 1:1-48;2014  
International Journal of Burns and Trauma

Evelyne GSC Marques, Gerson A Pereira Júnior, Bruno F Muller Neto, Rodrigo A Freitas, Lygia B Yaegashi, Carlos E Fagotti Almeida, Jayme Adriano Farina Júnior: Visceral injury in electrical shock trauma: proposed guideline for the management of abdominal electrocution and literature review. Int J Burn Trauma 2014;4(1):1-6. (Full text, PDF).

Hysni M Arifi, Shkelzen B Duci, Violeta K Zatriqi, Hasan R Ahmeti, Isa I Haxhiu, Agon Y Mekaj, Musli M Gashi, Zejn A Buja, Shkelqim H Derguti: A retrospective study of 572 patients with hand burns treated at the Department of Plastic Surgery Kosovo during the period 2000-2010. Int J Burn Trauma 2014;4(1):7-13. (Full text, PDF).

C Michael Dunham, Anthony F Cutrona, Brian S Gruber, Javier E Calderon, Kenneth J Ransom, Laurie L Flowers: Early tracheostomy in severe traumatic brain injury: evidence for decreased mechanical ventilation and increased hospital mortality. Int J Burn Trauma 2014;4(1):14-24. (Full text, PDF).

Nadine Louise Caton, David McGill, Kenneth John Stewart: Is the target of 1 day length of stay per 1% total body surface area burned actually being achieved? A review of paediatric thermal injuries in South East Scotland. Int J Burn Trauma 2014;4(1):25-30. (Full text, PDF).

Hongzhi Xu, Davin Watson, Yong-Ming Yu, Daniel L Traber, Stefani Fischer, Joan Nichols, Donald Deyo, Lillian L Traber, Joaquin Cortiella: Isotopic study of L-Arginine kinetics in the lung during pseudomonas sepsis in an ovine model. Int J Burn Trauma 2014;4(1):31-39. (Retracted, Full text, PDF).

Tadahiko Seki, Masayuki Fujioka, Hidetada Fukushima, Hiroaki Matsumori, Naoki Maegawa, Kazunobu Norimoto, Kazuo Okuchi: Regional tissue oxygen saturation measured by near-infrared spectroscopy to assess the depth of burn injuries. Int J Burn Trauma 2014;4(1):40-44. (Full text, PDF).

Jonathan B Lundy, Clayton J Lewis, Leopoldo C Cancio, Andrew P Cap: Experience with the use of Hemopure in the care of a massively burned adult. Int J Burn Trauma 2014;4(1):45-48. (Full text, PDF).
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