Volume 4, Number 2:49-73;2014  
International Journal of Burns and Trauma

John L Roussalis: Novel use of an acellular dermal matrix allograft to treat a chronic scalp wound with bone exposure: a case study. Int J Burn Trauma 2014;4(2):49-52. (Full text, PDF).

Beyers Oosthuizen, Trevor Mole, Robin Martin, Johannes G Myburgh: Comparison of standard surgical debridement versus the VERSAJET Plus™ Hydrosurgery system in the treatment of open tibia fractures: a prospective open label randomized controlled trial. Int J Burn Trauma 2014;4(2):53-58. (Full text, PDF).

Eamon C Francis, Odhran P Shelley: Copper wire theft and high voltage electrical burns. Int J Burn Trauma 2014;4(2):59-61. (Full text, PDF).

Sima B Shitrit, Yitzchak Ramon, Giampietro Bertasi: Use of a novel acellular dermal matrix allograft to treat complex trauma wound: a case study. Int J Burn Trauma 2014;4(2):62-65. (Full text, PDF).

Thomas Rose, Gilbert Verbeken, Daniel De Vos, Maya Merabishvili, Mario Vaneechoutte, Rob Lavigne, Serge Jennes, Martin Zizi, Jean-Paul Pirnay: Experimental phage therapy of burn wound infection: difficult first steps. Int J Burn Trauma 2014;4(2):66-73. (Full text, PDF).
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