Volume 5, Number 2:66-85;2015  
International Journal of Burns and Trauma

Slava M Belenkiy, William L Baker, Andriy I Batchinsky, Sumit Mittal, Taylor Watkins, Jose Salinas, Leopoldo C Cancio: Multivariate analysis of the volumetric capnograph for PaCO2 estimation. Int J Burn Trauma 2015;5(3):66-74. (Full text, PDF).

Metin Gündüz, İlhan Çiftçi, Tamer Sekmenli: Shivlilik burns: injuries resulting from traditional celebrations. Int J Burn Trauma 2015;5(3):75-78. (Full text, PDF).

Takuya Naganawa, Hidemasa Murozumi, Abhishek Kumar, Atsushi Okuyama, Toshihiro Okamoto, Tomohiro Ando: Intraoral chemical burn in an elderly patient with dementia. Int J Burn Trauma 2015;5(3):79-81. (Full text, PDF).

Didier Moissenet, Patrick Richard, Maria Granados, Audrey Mérens, Damien Fournier, Marguerite Fines-Guyon, Guillaume Arlet, Hoang Vu-Thien: Transfer between an Algerian and a French hospital of four multi-drug resistant bacterial strains together via a single patient. Int J Burn Trauma 2015;5(3):82-85. (Full text, PDF).
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